New Therapies

Driven by Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

Pharnext is an advanced clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company


Disease Molecular Networks

Our proprietary technology platform systematically leverages the powerful tools of big genomic data and AI to build molecular networks: a set of interconnected potential therapeutic targets.


Innovative Drug Combinations

Harnessing disease molecular networks, we screen both generic compounds and NCEs to develop novel drug combinations hitting multiple highly relevant disease targets.


Optimal Doses

Formulated with optimal doses of their components, our products are expected to be safer and more effective than existing therapies.

A visionary concept in drug development
Our innovative drug discovery model leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze genomic big data, build disease molecular networks and identify generic compounds and/or New Chemical Entities (NCEs) that are then combined to create new effective therapies across various therapeutic areas.

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