Dedicated to developing
safe and effective medicines to improve the lives of patients and their families

Dedicated to developing safe and effective medicines to improve the lives of patients and their families

Pharnext develops innovative new medicines designed to address unmet medical needs of patients in major therapeutic areas. We are focused on creating new medicines that address important, real-world concerns of patients and their families. We currently have investigational treatments in clinical trials for a number of different diseases, as described in the pipeline section. Pharnext’s goal is to efficiently bring safe and effective medicines to all appropriate patients by conducting rigorous clinical trials and obtaining marketing approval by regulatory authorities, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Prior to such approval, participation in one of our clinical trials is the optimal way for patients to gain access to our investigational medicines. However, we understand that some patients may not be able to participate in a clinical trial and may seek access to investigational treatments before they are approved. These situations are often referred to in various ways, including expanded access, early access, pre-approval access, compassionate use and emergency use. If early data from clinical trials suggest that an investigational treatment can offer benefits for patients facing serious or life-threatening conditions, Pharnext may consider requests to provide access outside of a clinical trial. Our top priority when evaluating requests for expanded access to investigational medicines is to ensure that we are not putting patients at risk of unnecessary harm. Pharnext will consider an expanded access program, or a single request for expanded access of an investigational medicine, only if all of the following criteria are met:
  • The patient’s licensed physician submits an unsolicited request for expanded access
  • The patient to be treated has a serious or immediately life-threatening illness and there is no satisfactory alternative therapy
  • There are no comparable or satisfactory alternative therapies approved and available to treat the disease or condition
  • There is preliminary clinical evidence of effectiveness and acceptable safety of the investigational treatment for that patient’s condition
  • The potential benefit of the investigational medicine to the patients is greater than the potential risk
  • Staff and other required resources are available to provide the product and there is an adequate supply of the investigational medicine
  • Providing the investigational medicine will not interfere with the timely completion of clinical trials that could lead to marketing approval and thereby could delay its availability to other patients
  • Expanded access will only occur in a country where Pharnext expects to file for regulatory approval of the product
Patients interested in obtaining access to a Pharnext investigational therapy must do so via their physician. Physicians should contact Pharnext Medical Information Center at All requests will be carefully considered, and a written or oral response will be provided to the treating physician within two weeks of receiving a request. For further information on available expanded access programs, visit and search “expanded access programs”.