PLEOTHERAPY systemizes the identification and development of new synergistic combinations of repositioned drugs for diseases with high unmet medical needs. These new therapeutic entities - called PLEODRUG - are expected to feature high levels of efficacy and safety as they are formulated with new optimal doses of their individual components and target simultaneously several disease pathways.

This new visionary concept in drug develoment is based on network pharmacology. From all biological data associated with a disease (including Genomic Big Data), Pharnext builds the molecular disease network which is an inventory of all possible therapeutic targets. From this network, Pharnext screens and repositions known drugs in unrelated indications at new optimal doses to identify synergistic combinations. Then, PLEODRUG are tested in human through a full clinical development plan.


Global RD strategy


In addition to strong efficacy and good safety profile, PLEODRUG offer other large potential advantages: fast / affordable development and robust intellectual property (Composition of Matters and Method of Use patents).

Pharnext's PLEOTHERAPY approach in drug development is universally applicable to any disease or compound, regardless of development stage or lifecycle status. It has been validated by worldwide-renowned scientists and intitutions, including two Nobel Prize laureates.