A Visionary Concept in Drug Development

PLEOTHERAPY™, our proprietary technology platform, systemizes the identification and development of new drug combinations for any disease that currently lack effective treatments. These new treatment candidates – called PLEODRUG™ – are expected to feature high levels of efficacy and safety as they target several disease pathways simultaneously and are formulated with optimal doses of their components.

This new visionary concept in drug development is based on network pharmacology. From all biological data associated with a disease, notably genomic big data, and the use of Artificial Intelligence tools, Pharnext builds the disease molecular network which is a set of interconnected potential therapeutic targets. From this network, Pharnext screens, in silico and experimentally, generic compounds approved for unrelated indications and/or NCEs to develop novel drug combinations that hit multiple highly relevant disease targets. We then create new formulations of the newly identified treatment candidate (each component with a new specific dose and ratio), called PLEODRUG™, that are tested in humans through a full clinical development plan.

In addition to a potentially excellent efficacy and safety profile, PLEODRUG™ are expected  to offer other potential advantages: fast, affordable development (up to pre-Phase 2 POC in ~2.5 years) and robust intellectual property (Composition of Matters and Method of Use patents).

Pharnext’s PLEOTHERAPY™ approach in drug development is universally applicable to any disease or compound, regardless of development stage or lifecycle status.

It has been validated by worldwide-renowned scientists and institutions, including Nobel Prize laureates, but also through R&D collaborations with renowned companies Galapagos and Tasly Pharmaceuticals.

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